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Welcome to Lam Tatt Group of companies.

Incorporated in 1st June, 1965 at 40, East Jelutong, 11600 Penang, with more than 50 years experience principally involved in wood bases products, Lam Tatt today is specializing in manufacturing decorative wooden doors, door and window frames, parquet, handrail, window gates, architraves and other customized designs.

Our aim is to provide the widest selection of products to help the professional designers, builders, architects and home owners to purchase the best quality and designs to meet their requirements.


Lam Tatt was founded by the late Mr. Soon Sueh Siew in Penang Island, Malaysia.

Initially, we only manufactured timber door frames, serving the local building and construction industries. All products were hand-made during that time.

To cope with the growth of the market demand, the company bought 2.438 acres of land in Butterworth in year 1982 and constructed its new factory in 1985.

High technology machineries were imported from Japan and Europe to enhance productivity and products quality.

Lam Tatt has showrooms and manufacturing facilities both in the following locations : -
  1. 2437, Mk 1, Lorong Perusahaan 12,
    Kawasan Perusahaan Perai, 13600 Perai, S.P.T.
    Penang, Malaysia.

  2. 40, East Jelutong, 11600 Penang, Malaysia.


Lam Tatt Group corporate structure currently is as below : -

At our manufacturing line, we have approximately 80 skilled and dedicated employees who can produce on bulk quantity at attractive price without compromising in quality.


Lam Tatt manufacture the following products :-
  1. Balau Hardwood, Kempas, Keranji, Kelat, Kekatong, Merbatu, Kulim, Chengal, Merbau Teak and many other kinds of mixed heavy hardwood Door & Window Frame, arch door frame, semi arch door frame, top hung and many other kinds of frame based on your requirement. Decorative door and window frame with Balau hardwood, Merpauch, Nyatoh are also available in our production.

  2. Plywood Flush Door, sliding door with skeleton system, using 3mm to 6mm thick normal, Nyatoh, Oak, Teak, Maple, Ash, Sapeli, waterproof plywood, with G.I., Aluminum sheet, Glass hole, Lourves, additional decorative timber beading, lamination of Formica.

  3. Balau Hardwood, Nyatoh, Merpauh, Meranti, Kempas timber Handrail, Architratives, Skirting, T&G plain timber and staircase step.

  4. Balau Hardwood, Nyatoh, Merpauh, Meranti, Mixed wood Decorative solid door and casement window with numerous design for your requirement.

We also supply the following :-
  1. One hour fire rated door c/w Timber/ metal Frame and iron-mongery.

  2. Two hours fire rated door c/w metal frame and iron-mongery.

  3. PVC and UPVC Door c/w latch and hinges, with or without indication hole and PVC Folding Door.

  4. Installing of door and window, shellac vanishing / painting for door and window and etc.

We have 3 units kiln dry room for timber at the moment and will increase another 3 in the coming future.

Our products are best in quality and cost wise they are not expensive as compared to the products available in the market.

All materials used are carefully selected to ensure the lasting and quality of the products.

We are reputable and reliable on our best quality and excellent customers’ service.


  1. To be the most responsible and leading manufacturer in Decorative Timber doors, Deco doors, plastic laminated doors, kitchen cabinet doors, windows, shutters, frames and other related wood products.

  2. To develop long-term mutual business relationship with all customers and focus on high level of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

  3. To enlarge the market of our products to foreign countries.

  4. To be an employer with integrity and responsibility.

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